Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Και μην ξεχνάς:

ό,τι ξέρεις / μπορεί να σε βλάψει


Blogger H said...

ωραία συμβουλή ..ειδικά εκείνο το "...
κάτσε..μισό λεπτό...
δεν θυμάμαι τί έγραψες...

15/2/06 13:01  
Blogger schottkey said...

Το μεν πνεύμα πρόστυχο, η δε σαρξ ask the niece.

16/2/06 09:47  
Blogger H said...

you win some, you lose some...
it balances itself out in the end.

16/2/06 14:28  
Blogger heimkurst said...

γεπ, ξέχασα. σωστό ενκόουντινγκ τώρα και οκ σας βλέπω.

17/2/06 16:08  
Blogger H said...

talk about instant karma...
ok...i were right...

20/2/06 14:25  
Blogger schottkey said...

What we know from life might be a useless junk info for wasting that unbeatable thing called time.
And i think the only weapon against time is love. A warm gun..

20/2/06 14:50  
Blogger H said...

these words aren't mine...they're rumi's - but i thought of them after reading what you wrote above:
'come out of the circle of time and into the circle of love'
...words to LIVE by, i think and sadly - too often - forget.

20/2/06 16:54  
Blogger schottkey said...

Να λοιπόν και οι sufi..
"Love came,
and became like blood in my body.
It rushed through my veins and
encircled my heart.."

i wish some people i know could use love that way..

20/2/06 22:18  
Blogger H said...

some people?
not all?

21/2/06 12:12  
Blogger schottkey said...

not all, some people are blessed with love's blinding light..

"Love is an Avenue of Stars, and if it is light years away
One day I'll get there nursing tired feet
Happy beyond words to be on that street"

-Paddy McAloon


21/2/06 13:14  

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