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Back in the 1990s, hip hop album covers generally all looked the same. Most often they featured chains, dogs, shiny letters, gold, diamonds, cash, and half naked ladies.

Με βάση το παραπάνω (και αρκετή δόση υπερβολής και φαντασίας), το somethingawful.com δείχνει πώς θα ήταν μερικά εξώφυλλα δίσκων αν γίνονταν με τη λογική του ‘90s hip hop.

Τα «καλά» βέβαια είναι όσα είναι στην άλλη όχθη του gangsta rap, όπως ο Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy ή o Morrissey.
Ho, you better past that bama blunt..


Blogger enteka said...

χα! [μακάρι πάντως να υπήρχε στ' αλήθεια το da queen is dead - hip hop tribute album]

8/1/08 20:52  
Blogger schottkey said...

Προτεινόμενο tracklist:

1 Da Queen Is Dead
2 Frankly, Mistah Shankly, Suck Ma D***
3 I Know It’s Ovah Bitch
4 Nevah Had No One Evah, D’ya Know Whadda Mean?
5 Brooklyn Gates
6 Bigmouth Strikes A-gain, Harder Than Ever
7 Da Boy Wit Da Thorn In His Side
8 Vicar In A 5.0 Roooollin’
9 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out-Green, Like $$
10 Some Bitches Got Bigger Bootie Than Da Others

(Smiths-The Queen Is Dead

1 The Queen Is Dead (6:24)
2 Frankly, Mr. Shankly (2:19)
3 I Know It's Over (5:49)
4 Never Had No One Ever (3:37)
5 Cemetry Gates (2:41)
6 Bigmouth Strikes Again (3:14)
7 The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (3:17)
8 Vicar In A Tutu (2:22)
9 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (4:03)
10 Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (3:15)

Rough Trade Records, 1986)

9/1/08 14:32  

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