Monday, September 11, 2006


photo brend stewart, από την νέα ταινία του harmony korine, 'mister lonely'


Blogger Unknown said...

Apisteuth fwto.Ta spaei kanonika.

11/9/06 17:00  
Blogger DJ Fat B. Rip said...

καλα τι επος ειναι αυτο?
πες και καμια πληροφοιρα για αυτη την ταιναι που δενε χουμε ξανακαουσει.
με εκανες να θελω να την δω, μονο με αυτη την απιστευτη φωτογραφια

11/9/06 23:33  
Blogger schottkey said...

Το 'Mister Lonely' είναι η νέα ταινία του Harmony Korine, σκηνοθέτη των 'Gummo' και 'julien donkey-boy' και σεναριογράφου του 'Kids'. Είναι κάπως παράξενο σαν project, διάφοροι ηθοποιοί παίζουν τους ρόλους του Michael Jackson, του James Dean, η Samantha Morton κάνει την Marilyn Monroe.


Colourful details have emerged of Mister Lonely, the latest feature from Tennessee and London-based maverick Harmony Korine (Gummo, julien donkey-boy). 60s icon Anita Pallenberg is to play the Queen Of England, Denis Lavant will portray Charlie Chaplin, Samantha Morton is Marilyn Monroe and Diego Luna will play a Michael Jackson impersonator

"I am trying to do things I haven't done before. It's my most ambitious film. I really want to push myself visually," Korine told Screen International. The $9.5 million production, his first feature since 1999, is due to shoot in the north of Scotland, France and French Guyana. Celluloid Dreams is handling international sales and has already closed a deal with Gaga for Japan.

The plotline is outlandish, even by Korine's standards. This is a yarn about a young American lost in Paris, eking out a living as a Michael Jackson lookalike. By co-incidence, he meets Marilyn Monroe. He follows her to a commune in Scotland, joining her husband Charlie Chaplin and her daughter Shirley Temple. Fellow residents include The Pope, The Queen of England, Madonna and James Dean. The drama is also partly set In a Brazilian forest where a community of missionary nuns bring aid to the locals.

Korine co-scripted with Avi Korine. Executive produced by Nadja Romain for Love Streams, the film is co-produced by Korine's new production outfit, O'Salvation, Agnes b's Love Streams Productions and ARTE (France). The cinematographer is Marcel Zyskind.

The director describes O'Salvation, launched earlier this year, as "an outlet to make films away from the system or the machine." The company has already produced Blackberry Winter by Brent Stewart and Aluminium Fowl by James Clauer.

- Geoffrey Macnab, Screen Daily (November 02, 2005)

12/9/06 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

η τρέλα απ΄ότι φαίνεται δεν πάει μόνο στα βουνά...

12/9/06 10:52  

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