Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Wave

The Wave is not a mountain but it is located in a rugged region known as Coyote Buttes in The Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness of Southern Utah/Northern Arizona. The Wave is a famous hollow (or gully depending on how you look at it) of striated sandstone that visitors typically make reservations to visit seven months or more in advance. If you are lucky enough to have seen The Wave then you know what I mean.

Από εδώ.
Μερικές ακόμη, από το summitpost.org (με «ειδίκευση» σε βουνά και κορυφογραμμές απ'ό,τι κατάλαβα):

First rays of light above hikers while they go toward Bobotov Kuk from Valoviti Do
Hood with Lenticular
Sunrise on the Cotopaxi just before the Yanasacha slope, 1st of November 2004


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τι φανταστικές φωτό! Τι φανταστικός κόσμος!

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