Tuesday, March 27, 2007

double shadow


Blogger mondo said...

you look good as a shadow...

28/3/07 04:13  
Blogger schottkey said...

You're two-faced
all sideways
you're dry-eyed
and nightfly
your thin chokes
and splits spokes
you're high-staked
you're right-faked
your floor creeps
and deep sleeps
you catch up
you young pup
you old dog
you bullfrog

you drive paved
you grew a shave
you hardball
you held gold
you last heard
you luck charm
you black diamond
your next kin
your lost twin
your short-step
your better rip
you cast light
you snapshot

yeah, you're my double shadow

junior boys-‘double shadow’
record: ‘so this is goodbye’
domino records, 2006

28/3/07 11:19  
Blogger mondo said...

listened to it, groovy....

28/3/07 16:05  

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