Friday, November 14, 2008

desire as

pics: sami kelsh


Anonymous Anonymous said...

πώς μια στιγμή απο τις στιγμές μπορει να έχει τόσο συναισθημά?
Ίσως επειδή κάθε στιγμή είναι μια επιθυμία.....

18/11/08 16:35  
Blogger everything ok! said...

i still can't read most of this blog, but it's nice to see that somebody gets me.

31/12/08 07:23  
Blogger schottkey said...

So, this pic is yours. That’s nice.
Well, you don’t need to talk Greek to “get” this blog. I think sometimes pics say more than a thousand words. And sometimes the connection of what i’m thinking, with this pic, might be the same one like you had taking it..

31/12/08 12:42  

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