Thursday, October 05, 2006

hapax legomenon

"The desire to take photographs may perhaps arise from the following observation: looked at in general, from the angle of meaning, the world is distinctly disappointing. In detail, taken unawares, it is always perfectly self-evident."

Jean Baudrillard-Photographies

also: The Violence of the Image

"Coke has the paradoxical quality that the more you drink it, the more you get thirsty. So, when the slogan for Coke was "Coke is it!", we should see in it some ambuigity — it’s "it" precisely insofar as it’s never IT, precisely insofar as every consumption opens up the desire for more."

Slavoj Žižek-The Superego and the Act


Why does a Letter always arrive at its Destination?

The Lesbian Session

Run, Isolde, Run

The Matrix, or two sides of Perversion


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