Saturday, December 17, 2011

schott:2011 key:04

4. Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 [Kranky]
Every year, the residents of Baker House, a dormitory near the Charles River on the MIT campus (officially Building W7), push a non-functioning, beyond-repair piano off the roof of the building. It falls six stories and lands near the tennis courts. The first Baker House Piano Drop, done in 1972, is captured in the photo on the cover of Tim Hecker's 'Ravedeath, 1972'. There's actually a unit of volume, the Bruno, named after the racket made by the impact. [source]

The Hatred of Music, συμφωνική μουσική του 22ου αιώνα.

Αν ήταν ταινία, θα ήταν το 'Man On Wire'.

so far:
4. Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 [Kranky]
5. Omar S-It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It [FXHE]
6. Kangding Ray-OR [Raster-Noton]
7. Roly Porter-Aftertime [Subtext]
8. Prurient-Bermuda Drain [Hydra Head Records]
9. Matthew Halsall-On The Go [Gondwana]
10. Roll The Dice-In Dust [Leaf]
11. Oneohtrix Point Never-Replica [Software Records]
12. Patten-GLAQJO XAACSSO [No Pain In Pop]
13. Peaking Lights-936 [Not Not Fun]
14. Active Child-You Are All I See [Vagrant Records]
15. Zomby-Dedication [4AD]
16. Destroyer-Kaputt [Merge]
17. Machinedrum-Room(s) [Planet Mu]
18. Sleep ∞ Over-Forever [Hippos In Tanks]
19. Bon Iver-Bon Iver [Jagjaguwar]
20. Clams Casino-Instrumental Mixtape [self released]





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