Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a book to look for..

‘Stand on Zanzibar’, by John Brunner
Hugo award, 1968.

This book is an amazing story on the status of mankind in the relatively-near future, and it is Brunner's most acknowledged masterpiece. The author uses writing techniques which are hard to find elsewhere to give the reader a strong impression of the era -- everything from chapters containing only newspaper headlines to extracts from various books. [..]
Another technique used is keeping up with dozens of different minor characters, most of whom meet a tragic end sooner or later.[..]
Stand on Zanzibar is not an easy book to read, both technically (the nonstandard writing style) and intellectually. In fact, due to the huge amount of information (events, people, technologies, etc.) that the book refers to constantly, most readers will have to read the book at least twice in order to fully understand what's going on.

a review

John Brunner's Hugo Award-winning Stand on Zanzibar is a classic SF dystopia as well as being perhaps the best novel ever written on the theme of overpopulation. It is a pessimistic and didactic novel that posits dire psychological consequences as humanity psychologically and sociologically degrades from the pressures of too many people and too few resources.



Blogger mondo said...

"Stand on Zanzibar" is not an easy book to read, both technically (the nonstandard writing style) and intellectually.....

and I thought you didn't particularly like intellectuals ;)

14/6/07 10:20  
Blogger schottkey said...

Το ‘intellectually’ εδώ δεν έχει αυτή την έννοια. Εννοεί πως είναι δύσκολο νοητικά να το ‘πιάσεις’. Θυμίζει λίγο τα βιβλία του Pynchon..

Αν διαβάσεις τα reviews, θα δεις πως έχει επηρεαστεί από την τριλογία ‘U.S.A.’ του Dos Passos, που χρησιμοποεί άρθρα εφημερίδων, στοιχεία βιογραφίας κτλ.
Intellectuals suck, though :P

14/6/07 10:30  
Anonymous pynchon and dos passos said...

does that mean we suck too? u hurt us (burial x 2)

14/6/07 11:01  
Blogger mondo said...

είναι αμερικανική τακτική, και ο Kurt Vonnegut την ακολουθεί :PPP

14/6/07 11:05  
Blogger schottkey said...

O Dos Passos κι ο Pynchon είναι συγγραφείς, δεν αποζήτησαν ποτέ την ταμπέλα του ‘διανοούμενου’, άλλοι τους την φόρεσαν. Κι ο Vonnegut ευτυχώς είναι πολύ μακριά από αυτό.

14/6/07 12:12  

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