Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All the world loves lovers

photo: Andrea Ryer

All the world loves people in love,
don't forget it

Όχι για την ημέρα φυσικά, αλλά γιατί το λένε οι Prefab Sprout. Κάτι θα ξέρουν.
Από το 'Jordan: The Comeback', 1990 (Epic Records).

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Blogger CutiesCabs said...

Απάτη είναι όλα.
Μην τα πιστεύεις.

20/2/07 19:59  
Blogger schottkey said...

You and I won't lose our heads the way some lovers do
saying "This will last forever" when it's just a year or two
You and I won't be the fools that other lovers are
Thinking every silver bottle top potentially a star still

We won't make the promises that every lover makes
Only to find that all we've made are similar mistakes
No you and I won't wish for things
Like other lovers do
But let's cross our hearts and hope to die
If none of them come true 'cause..

21/2/07 09:18  

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