Friday, March 30, 2007

Οι ζωές των άλλων

"I’d long been fascinated by George Orwell’s work, but I resisted reading 1984 until I finished the manuscript for Stasiland. After that, I devoured it, and I couldn’t believe Orwell’s prescience. When I went into Mielke’s office, I saw it had the number 101, which in 1984 is the number of the torture chamber. 1984 was banned in the G.D.R. but of course, Mielke and Honecker had access to banned material. The guide told me that Mielke wanted this number so much that even though his office was on the 2nd floor, he had the entire first floor renamed the Mezzanine so that he could call his room 101."

-Anna Funder, author of Stasiland .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long Time No See

31/3/07 12:48  
Blogger schottkey said...

sure, time has always been long.
how can i have some clues about the 'gone' blogger?

2/4/07 15:03  

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